I'd added a 'contact' link to the old 5second.com website after discovering that the manufacturer had been dissolved. Not sure what to do next, but I knew people would wonder what had happened...

Boy, was I surprised when emails started coming in. Just a few at first, but eventually hundreds of emails from the nicest people. Wanting to know what happened to them, and how they could get more of the new 'changeable' gallery frames... For more than three years! It's these emails that kept me going when things looked bleakest. I'd be ready to throw in the towel, then out of the blue, I'd get an email like these. Some so touching, they'd make you cry. Here's a small sampling of the more straightforward notes – to show you why I never gave up...




What an improvement to the old process of framing and hanging pictures!  - Molly C., OH 

I’ve never had success in the past hanging pictures. I dreaded the tape measure, pencil, level, and I always end up putting two or three nail holes in before I get it right... For the very first time, I’m actually looking forward to hanging my pictures! I’ll never buy another brand!  - A. Freed, IA

“I LOVE your picture frames, and even drove an hour away to try and find the ones I need... You have a lifelong fan of your frames in me!...”    - Jana K., TX

"We don’t know how we ever framed, hung or even had pictures before it... takes every single thing you hate about framing and makes it fun."   -  outblush.com

“I love, love, LOVE the concept! I’ve purchased 15 or 16 of your frames...”  - Diane W.

“Thank you so very much! I love these frames! I have purchased a few for myself and need to go get a few more to finish my project in my office, but I have also purchased for family and they love them too!...”     - C. Morris, CA

“What a wonderful, eco-friendly concept you have created: the ability to easily change out your images or photographs, according to the seasons, and the needs and whims of the moment. 

Anyone can purchase this one frame – with its classic black frame and white mat – and make it last a lifetime. I like your eco-friendly packaging and materials. Congratulations, Mary Ann, on a marvelous concept.”   

-  Wanda Urbanska,  Simple Living “... the de facto Martha Stewart of the voluntary simplicity movement.” (said O, The Oprah Magazine)

A wonderful way to display photos!    - T. Boie

I am so sad that I can [no longer] buy your frames!...You have literally thought of everything: template for hanging, hanging buttons that work every time consistently, holders for swapped out photos, holders for displayed pictures so you don't need to use tape. 

I love, love, LOVE these frames and cannot wait to see them back on the market. You have taken the agony out of displaying pictures and it is amazing that no one has come up with this idea years ago! Nice work!    - Liz C.

This has got to be the greatest grandparent gift ever! - Jeanine S., CA (seen on PhotoshopInsider)

These frames are ideal for school photos! We get 2 each school year and being able to change them so quickly & easily is wonderful. I love that I can store each previous photo in back, too.  - Patti R., IL

I’ve always wanted to do a gallery wall that I can change out, and this has removed my fears, and the time it takes to get everything just right! :D I’ll be sure to let friends know about your great products & site!   - Carrie C., OR

I love your concept! I don't have much time and have thousands of pictures. This product really suits me... I can't believe we have had to put up with the 'old-fashioned' ones for so long.    - Y. Gunadi, CA  

I just cannot say enough good things about it. The storage pocket not only allows for an easy exchange of display photos, but it is a great gift option. I am not sure I'll ever be satisfied with the other boring frames again!   - S. Allen

I really have to say, I do love your frames and if I have time tomorrow, I am going back to the store to get more... I have never seen frames that you don't have to worry if it is hung straight or not. I think you have a GREAT product...   - Rosella C.