100% MADE IN U.S.A.


I've worked long and hard to make sure every one of our components is made in the USA – as sustainably (and locally) as possible. Our supplier/partners are just as dedicated to keeping jobs here to America. We learned a lot from that first run of 5second® frames, confirming my determination to make our new & improved products in the best possible way. It's taken quite a while to do things in this new (actually, kind of old) way, but it was totally worth the time & effort. We're so pleased to be working with these sharp, family-owned companies:

GAIM Engineering Skip Glatt and his team were innovating with recycled plastic back when 'green' was just a color. A true recycled-plastic pioneer, Skip knows how to get the most from the materials and production. Their attention to the details - down to .003" - is what make our EasyMat® backers work like butter.
Crescent Cardboard The name artists have trusted for decades. Still family run after more than a century. We're so pleased they're running our special mat with their Eco-Core™ recycled white core, faced with their fine RagMat™ cotton paper.
Adams Foam Rubber We worked with them for several years to come up with the perfect, earth-friendly packaging protection. They've been working hard for years to get the word out:  "Say no to Styrofoam!"
Questcor Corrugated Another local, family-owned company – with more than 75 years of expertise. Not only do they make a great product, they've been our partner, supporting our little company from the first day we met. You gotta like a company where the grandfather (in his 80s!) still checks in to work. 
Nickell Moulding Definitely pioneers in eco-friendly moulding. When other companies were throwing in the towel and simply importing moulding from overseas, they dug in and eliminated solvent based materials. We're loving the Matte Black they make for us! Check out their green credentials.
Burnich Frame & Moulding They're crafting our wonderful new Alder and Silk White moulding. Both are American Alder, and 100% American source FSC-certified wood. Everything's handcrafted by this solid, family-owned company.
Digital Hub They print our face papers and hanging templates – all vegetable based inks on recycled paper. They're constantly winning awards for their environmental innovation. I've worked with them for years (decades), and they're consistently great.  If you need something printed, I couldn't recommend them more.