I love this concept: it’s everything you love about gallery style framing – except the hassle… Update photos (or art prints!) as often as you like with a simple motion – no more digging those little fasteners out and dealing with centering your photos or realizing there’s a bit of dirt stuck under the glass."  - Design-Milk.com

"The way these Change of Art frames work is so cool and easy! No fussing with the mat or glass. So easy to swap out your photos with new ones (which you can store in the back!)"  - Jaime Derringer's Flickr 


"Making picture updates ridiculously easy:  It’s nothing short of awesome when you come across a product that is so functional and brilliant, you wonder why no one’s thought of it before… It’s like they sat in my house and analyzed my complaints and needs, and created this product just for me!"   - Andrea Howe, DisneyBaby


"Seriously, the best and easiest way to frame your art!"

Ashley, Decorology